The review was published in May 1988 (No. 196) in June 1992 (237). To access: resources ==> archives ==> Guided search There, two ways to access the journal: 1. by left clicking on “New Educator Documents” in “review series collection”
In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary February 2001 Militant activist SNUipp which direction?

The small living Cahiers Bizu newspaper The class gateway to the big box The words Freinet Quebec Italy when the extreme right attacks the history Deconstructing the college Understanding as empty a satchel The general meeting of friends Freinet an alternative to principal: cooperative management or teaching Reserves school’s transformation to a true participatory democracy militant activist SNUipp which direction? > Printable version
Results 801-810 from 810 Results A year of sound and musical practices between two cycle classes 3 By Katina Ieremiadis the 13/04/10 – 24:13 In: testimony Arts> Music and sound pedagogical principles> term-creation Add Comment Learn more natural method of teaching by Catherine Chabrun on 02/11/09 – 8:13 p.m.

in: Gr. math witness an article Maths teaching Principles> natural method teaching techniques> mathematical creation Since the Strasbourg Congress many exchanges took place on all mailing lists organized by the ICEM. One can of course be welcomed. Some were started by provocateurs like Jacky Varenne or Quertier Monique and led us to have a look at a math Strasbourg deck or flush out trivially similar triangles.

But what seems to me the most significant of the current odds, these are all discussions that took place from questioning on classroom practices. 1 attachment Speaking to learn math by Remi Jacquet on 18/01/10 – 3:13 p.m.

In: Math Gr testimony Maths Science and Techno Teaching Principles> Communication pedagogical principles> term-creation techniques. teaching> living calculation pedagogical principles> natural method pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error learning techniques> math research is often difficult to move from traditional pedagogy (use of commercial files) Freinet pedagogy in the field of mathematics. It’s like letting go of the board for a beginner swimmer.

Intermediate practices are possible before jumping into deep end. Among them, those where space is made for the child thought is expressed for that trade between children occur. 2 comments 1 attachment An episode of natural English Method By Juliet Gasselin on 14/08/09 – 6:35 p.m. In: Gr Gr Research Laboratory living testimony Languages ??article Arts> Visual Arts Languages> Languages..

Modern teaching Principles> communication pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method teaching techniques> classroom organization> life class the following episode tells a simple story that could happen anywhere , whenever. This is not a recipe, or a model, or a programmed device. This is just one example lived, told to invite the reader to improvise in his class similar stories.

1 comment Why I like the clowns By Catherine Chabrun on 13/10/09 – 9:02 In: Congress testimony conference Testimony Martine Boncourt these everyday moments in Congress. English The Natural Method: Do you speak Freinet? (2) By Juliet Gasselin on 14/08/09 – 6:20 p.m. In: Gr Gr Research Laboratory Modern Languages ??witness an article Languages> Modern Languages ??Teaching Principles> natural method After the successful debut of English natural method published..

Educational Cooperation in the previous number, we received comments from Paul Le Bohec who read our text. These echoes made us want to see the device. English The Natural Method: Do you speak Freinet? (1) By Juliet Gasselin on 14/08/09 – 6:14 p.m.

In: Gr Gr Research Laboratory living testimony Languages ??article Languages> Modern Languages ??Teaching Principles> The natural method Natural Method is the foundation of the Freinet pedagogy… Invented by Freinet, experienced by the companions, it has gradually been neglected in the movement of the Modern School. We believe in the interest of making his centrality and multiply cooperative experiments.

Following Paul Le Bohec, we have chosen to generalize MN in my rural class cycle 3. Teach 6th documentary pedagogy through a garden project! our challenge for the year 2009-2010 By Helene Duvialard the 15/09/09 – 12:01 In: Science and testimony Techno> Life Sciences and the French Earth> Scripture-reading Life of the cooperative class citizenship Techniques teaching> class organization> workshop every year all 6th graders have an hour “documentary techniques” to the schedule. This is documentary acquire skills through learning a little more independent than the usual course.

My colleague from classics, Helena Pico and myself, librarian, decided this year to offer a 6th class to convert into a garden area of ??the school yard. 1 attachment A second high school class in History-Geography and ECJS Pedagogy Freinet By Francois Perdrial 09/09/09 – 9:49 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique Gr . Second Degree testimony History Geo Francois Perdrial Having worked a lot with the Freinet techniques in my career, I never fully worked “Freinet” an entire school year.

This is what I decided to do the last two full years of my education in 2004-2005 and 2005- 2006. At the time I’m going to retire, I would like to make to the ICEM and my comrades of the second degree my thoughts on the proposed work inspired entirely methods I had practiced at the beginning of my career 1 attachment Putting his work boots by Catherine Chabrun on 27/08/09 – 5:42 p.m. in: Congress testimony Francoise Salmon witnessed finally T, throughout the Congress in Strasbourg.

Here is his speech at the closing. Let our work boots with her! 1 Comment «first
1 result Results Rome, the eternal city. I.Metropole of antiquity In: Geo Rome in December 1966, current capital of Italy, has been one of the most influential cities of antiquity. This issue evokes ancient Rome.

Rome, the eternal city. I.Metropole of antiquity doc.pdf Authors: A. Pere and Construction BT ICEM 1 attachment
1 result Results Rome, the eternal city: Middle Ages to today In: Geo July 1967 Rome was already one of the most influential capitals of Antiquity. This BT traces its evolution from the Middle Ages to today. BT 649 Rome, the eternal city document.pdf II Authors: A. Pere and Construction BT ICEM 1 attachment

1 result Results Educational invariants (abstracts) By Catherine Chabrun on 03/12/09 – 5:39 p.m. In: Gr. Archive reference text Education As defined by C. Freinet in 1964. To read the full text: Library modern School No. 25
Click a term to narrow your search: Material Arts (1751) French (349) Science and Techno (49) Kitchen (36) Life of the cooperative class and Citizenship (36) EPS (29) Maths (28) Languages ??(15) history Geo (14) Philosophy (11) Environmental Research (1) Sociology (1)

Personal blog Chantal Balthazard on 26/06/11 – 3:31 p.m homework jelp
. French Language Practice Workshop with college students from French magazines for teenagers A. BCD school No. 6 Khachuri In March-April 2005 Marina Choucakidze (Tbilisi # 151 school), the Group Freinet Georgian and Nana Lomidze (Public school khashuri) came in Nantes, four weeks, discover our Freinet practices. A beautiful friendship was born between the two women did not know.

At the request of Nana in April 2008, Marina and Tina (AGPF), Chantal and Sophie (IDEM 44) co-hosted a two-day training course at school No. 6 Khachuri. Then the teachers of this school came, in turn, in our classes … Nantes Manana Kethy and recently Nunu. The sponsorship between IDEM 44 and Georgia continues, broadens and engages in a natural path of cooperation.

The Library consists of two small rooms with a few wall shelves. The works classified according to Dewey, are Georgian. The librarian, Tamrico also offers students a newspaper workshop, “Tchven” ( “We”), which comes out once a month. But Tamrico, like many other Georgian colleagues has another job.

She gets up very early to prepare radjapuri and pizza she sells in her small bakery. College students welcome us to the BCD school. We exchange their French textbooks, and they present some classroom activities … the television newspaper, studied various tales. Currently, for security, the French literature is in the Nana Office. Most of the books were donated by IDEM 44 or the French Cultural Center.

There are some documentaries, albums of the collection “Reading is from” tales, literary classics, and dictionaries.

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